Major Practice Areas


The civil trial attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran emphasize all aspects of trial and appellate practice. They frequently represent clients on matters involving commercial and contractual issues, insurance law, fraud, intentional torts, professional malpractice, intellectual property, collection, restrictive covenant disputes, construction law, personal injury claims, liquor liability, and First Amendment rights. Our clients range from large corporations to individuals and small business owners. We strive to help clients meet the challenges of complex dispute resolution and trial practice by providing sound counsel and aggressive, efficient representation mindful of each client’s long term goals from the outset of each case.


Our goal is to focus on the important issues as quickly as possible while protecting our clients’ interests from the claims of adverse parties.  We advise clients and assist them in avoiding disputes altogether when possible.  From the earliest stages of a dispute, we assess risk and exposure, identify and evaluate the claims and defenses, and work to penetrate the legal, procedural and business barriers that may stand in the way of a favorable outcome.


Business Transactions & Advice

The business lawyers at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran work with companies, business owners, and individuals to negotiate both routine and complex contracts, including asset purchase agreements, real estate deals, non-disclosure, non-compete, and employment contracts, and changes in corporate structure.  We help them navigate federal and state regulations, deal with licensing issues, supplier or customer concerns, employment issues, and generally address the myriad of legal questions that confront businesses from time to time.


Estate Planning, Probate & Trust

The attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran provide a broad range of probate and estate planning services for people in the Phoenix metropolitan and surrounding areas.  Our firm has substantial knowledge and skill to advise clients about protecting and distributing their estates, probate proceedings, guardianships, conservatorships, trust administration, and the related income, estate, gift and generation-skipping tax planning. We are committed to helping people and families, while focusing on providing attentive and compassionate legal counsel, and helping clients navigate every step in the legal process to protect their interests.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran are experienced in addressing the needs of both emerging businesses and more mature companies. We assist our clients with a wide variety of intellectual property topics, including trademark and copyright protection, licensing agreements, co-existence agreements, and litigation to assert and/or defend intellectual property rights.


Professional Liability

Today’s business environment often involves increasing scrutiny directly affecting professionals, who are required to make more independent decisions than ever before, heightening liability concerns.  Claims and litigation against lawyers, accountants and other professionals is common.  The attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran are skilled in dealing with matters affecting accountants, appraisers, attorneys, and other professionals in disciplinary proceedings, claims for negligence, and lawsuits.



The attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran have more than sixty years of combined experience in representing local, regional, and national banks and other institutions. We have represented banks in several hundred litigation matters. Cases have included mortgage disputes, raising issues related to loan originations, loan servicing, federal and state banking statutes and regulations, ownership and securitization of loans, issues with recorded documents, wrongful foreclosure, discrimination, loan modification practices, trustee’s sale statutes, as well as banking practices, lender liability, fraud, garnishment cases, investment account collections, fiduciary accounts, unauthorized transactions, subpoena processing, and related issues. We also represent our banking clients regarding business torts, trust/fiduciary matters, and regulatory enforcement issues.

Criminal Defense

The criminal defense attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran represent clients being investigated for or charged with crimes ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. We thoroughly investigate the facts, aggressively challenge the government’s evidence, and skillfully negotiate with prosecutors to obtain favorable plea bargains or take cases to trial, and if necessary, guide cases through the appeal process.  We have counsel who has been qualified by the Arizona Supreme Court and the Unites States District Court to handle capital post-conviction and habeas corpus proceedings.


Governmental Relations

The attorneys at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran have been retained by Arizona financial institutions, businesses, and individuals to manage certain interactions with state and federal agencies. We have settled or circumvented disputes with agencies, completed difficult intergovernmental commercial transactions, and successfully assisted clients with obtaining desired outcomes with state administrative agencies.  Our lawyers have also been retained to represent governmental entities on a variety of matters, including healthcare litigation, ethics, and eminent domain.


Liquor Liability

Lawyers at Maynard Cronin Erickson & Curran advise clients with respect to potential liability relating to the sale of alcohol. The firm has substantial experience counseling clients to avoid “dram shop” liability, and has effectively defended licensees in lawsuits involving service, policies and practices, licensing, and regulation.  In addition, we have successfully pursued claims against bars and restaurants where overserving alcohol has resulted in injury or death.